how to download threads videos

how to download Threads videos: Mark Zuckerberg’s latest creation, the Threads app, has taken the world by storm, surpassing Twitter’s records with over two million downloads in just two hours after its launch. This groundbreaking achievement even outshines ChatGPT’s previous milestone of one million active users within five days of its own release.

About Threads App

Meta’s Threads app has gained significant traction, allowing users to share posts up to 500 characters long, along with photos and videos lasting up to 5 minutes. Despite being a newcomer, the app has already captured the interest of numerous users, who have begun sharing videos with enthusiasm. However, one question remains: Can you download videos from the Threads app?

How to Download Threads Videos

The Threads app itself does not provide a direct option to download videos. As a result, users need to turn to third-party apps or web tools to acquire videos shared within the Threads app. Below, we will explore a few simple methods to download these videos. Let’s dive in!

Download Threads Videos Using Threads downloader app

Threads Downloader is a user-friendly Threads video downloader app designed for Android devices. It facilitates the seamless download of Threads videos and GIFs directly to your phone’s gallery, completely free of charge. Here’s how to use the app:

step 1: Download Threads Downloader app

step 2: Open the Threads app on your Android device and locate the video you wish to download.

step 3: Access the post containing the desired video and tap on the Share icon.

step 4: From the Share Menu, click on “Copy Link.”

step 5: Proceed to download and install the threads video downloader on your smartphone. Once installed, open the app.

step 6: Paste the copied video link into the URL field within Threadster and tap on the “Download” button.

step 7: Allow Threads video downloader a moment to fetch the video and initiate the download process.

step 8: Once the video is successfully fetched, the Threads video downloader will automatically save the Threads video to your Gallery.

That’s it! Downloading Threads videos on Android has never been simpler.

Download Threads Videos Using a Third-Party Website

Another option to download Threads videos involves using the website This web tool enables effortless video download from the Threads app. To utilize this method, follow these steps:

Firstly, obtain the video link you wish to download from the Threads app by tapping on “Share” and then selecting “Copy Link.”

Launch your preferred web browser and navigate to the following website:

Once the website loads, paste the copied Threads video URL into the provided field. After pasting, click on the “Submit” button.

The website will promptly fetch the video. Upon successful retrieval, you can either play the video or select the “Download” button.

That’s it! By tapping the download button, the Threads video will be instantly saved to your smartphone. You can access the video conveniently through your phone’s gallery app.


In conclusion, while the Threads app lacks an in-built video download feature, you can effortlessly obtain your favorite videos by leveraging either the Threadster app or the website. Enjoy sharing and downloading your most cherished Threads videos with these simple and effective methods!

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