how is emma roberts related to julia roberts

how is emma roberts related to julia roberts
how is emma roberts related to julia roberts

how is emma roberts related to julia roberts: Yes, Julia Roberts’ sister Emma Roberts is a member of the Roberts family. The connection between them goes beyond mere coincidence, as Emma Roberts is, in fact, Julia Roberts’ niece. This familial relationship creates a strong bond between the two talented actresses.

About how is emma roberts related to julia roberts

Julia, being Emma’s aunt, has been a great inspiration to her. Emma has not only inherited their similar physical features and last name, but she has also learned a great deal about acting from her aunt.

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Although Emma may be less experienced than Julia, she strives to follow in her footsteps and shares a similar acting style. Their performances often convey roles in remarkably identical ways, showcasing the undeniable link between them.

Emma has had the opportunity to collaborate with her aunt on several projects. “America’s Sweethearts” and “Grand Champion” are among the early works they worked on together. If you had to choose between these two, which one would you prefer to watch? Later on, they joined forces again for the movie “Valentine’s Day.”

During her younger years, Emma used to spend a significant amount of time on her aunt Julia’s movie sets. It was during these moments that she acquired valuable acting skills, honing her craft under Julia’s guidance.

Their relationship is not just limited to family ties; they share a polite and enjoyable interaction. Emma Roberts and Julia Roberts are more akin to best friends rather than aunt and niece.

Julia has always been a pillar of support for Emma, encouraging her in all her endeavors. As both an aunt and a friend, Julia has been there for Emma every step of the way, especially when she made the decision to pursue an acting career, following in the footsteps of her father and aunt.

Last year, Julia Roberts celebrated Emma’s birthday in a truly intriguing and humorous manner. She shared a brief, absurdly slow-motion video, showcasing their playful dynamic. This gesture highlights the tremendous affection that exists between them and how fortunate Emma is to have an aunt like Julia in her life.


In conclusion, the connection between Emma Roberts and Julia Roberts goes beyond shared genetics and last names. They share a deep bond and a passion for acting, with Julia acting as a mentor and inspiration to Emma. Their collaboration on various projects and their close relationship off-screen demonstrate the strength of their connection. It’s heartwarming to witness the support and affection they have for each other.

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